Fortnightly Magazine - January 2023

In the Year 2023

It’s a Small World

At this time of global geopolitical tension, one is reminded how fortunate we are in North America and how central we are to staving off the scariest scenarios.

IOU CEO From the Desert, on the Energy Transition

Arizona Public Service

“We typically lose 290 poles a year to monsoon. We lost more than 800 this time, plus transmission towers. This is where we focus on building a resilient electrical system. Our stopper pole program is a great example. If we have a long line of wood poles, we’ll put stopper poles as a prevention.”

First Year at FERC

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

“What I’m focused on is making sure we bring everybody to the table, and we work together in a bipartisan manner. I believe that FERC is a bipartisan Commission for a reason. FERC is an independent agency for a reason. As a regulator, I guard that independence.”

Insuring Ensuring Cybersecurity: David Batz

Edison Electric Institute

“Risk management in this space falls into three large buckets. First people, then process. Have we built an appropriate process that uses people and has sufficient oversight and controls? Then it’s technology.”