Fortnightly Magazine - April 2023

DistribuTECH: Mary Brown, Ali Ipakchi


“We are bullish about combining our capabilities on transmission with distribution, bringing the two together, and then with emergence of the whole decarbonization initiative. That is a necessary element to tap on flexibilities available on the demand side to provide balancing services needed on the wholesale side.”

DistribuTECH: Patrick Lee


“With what we have provided, the technology to do just-in-time power control, and do it accurately, now utilities can deal with the intermittency of renewables and are enabled to adopt a higher percentage of renewable energy on their grids.”

DistribuTECH: Jeff Simmons


“We’re transitioning and making that move to decarbonize the value chain for our customers. We’re focusing on delivering hydrogen systems and localizing the hydrogen production in the U.S. We’re looking at battery systems and ways to improve grid reliability.”

CERAWeek: Texas Panel

Texas PUC, ERCOT, Oncor

“Uri showed us there were two big vulnerabilities in our grid. First, vulnerability to extreme weather events. And second, resource adequacy over longer periods of time.”