Fortnightly Magazine - April 2023

DistribuTECH: John Hayter, Nedra Hurley


“Imagine a line person who would go out during a storm facing hurricanes, tornadoes, and operate with hook sticks. Those days are coming to an end. With virtual protection, virtual substations of the future, a lot of those concerns around safety go away.”

DistribuTECH: Patrick Aluise


“We have data around companies that lean into a metaverse/sustainable strategy. It’s more profitable. That has to do with retaining better employees and cost savings because, from onboarding and ongoing training points of view, you don’t have to send people all over the world.”

DistribuTECH: Abhishek Singh


“Our AI model can make predictions in terms of number of outages of an upcoming storm at over 85% accuracy at a subregional level. We know each tree’s nucleus network. We map the height, health of the tree, propensity of the tree to fail against wind speed and windstorm path: we are able to precisely identify points of failures.”

DistribuTECH: Ann Moore


“With applications, now we have predictive analytics and AI. It’s popular because the grid used to be one-directional power flow. Now, it’s a multidirectional, dynamic, and complex with increasing renewable and distributed energy resources.”

DistribuTECH: Joe Travis, Brad Johnson

Bentley Systems

“We’re ideating ways to use our digital twin technology with the physical world to help them project forward. As they do work in their system, they’re not just addressing today’s needs, but take seemingly unrelated data and find correlation to build the grid once for the next 20 to 30 years, rather than go back out again.”

DistribuTECH: Gautam Aggarwal, Maria Kretzing


“Our core is smart meter data. Bidgely is an energy intelligence company that applies AI and machine learning on top of data to decipher that data, demystify the data, and create value for utilities to serve their customers on the grid side.”

DistribuTECH: Hari Krishnamurthy


“This transformation involves not only the adoption of new technology but also business process improvements that promote compliance with various departments. Our primary focus is on delivering business outcomes and not just a technology upgrade.”

DistribuTECH: Mahesh Sudhakaran


“We are proud to have announced the world’s first portfolio designed for grid orchestration, GridOS, which pulls the capabilities required to orchestrate the grid onto one platform so utilities can orchestrate at scale. This is where we are differentiating and leading.”

DistribuTECH: Anthony Allard

Hitachi Energy

“We have a number of other projects, and we talk about the offshore wind that is ongoing and moving in the U.S. A lot of those offshore wind farms will need new HVDC technology to bring the power back to shore.”