Ten Commissioners Talk Infrastructure


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Fortnightly Magazine - June 18 2024

Many demands are being placed on utilities these days, as the energy transformation continues to gain momentum. To move forward requires new thinking on the economic necessity of upgrading energy and utilities companies’ aging infrastructures.

That requires new thinking on the part of regulators too, often faced with novel policies as the economic journey continues hand in hand with those subject to the regulations. Upgrading facilities, while ensuring reliability and resiliency, are issues that have gained importance. Public Utilities Fortnightly looked for insight into these issues by bringing together ten Commissioners from varied parts of the nation. Asked of each were four questions, allowing for comparing their thoughts on what is next for infrastructure.

EEI Annual Meeting 2024 - June 18-20

Those questions are: What are the most important needs for electric power infrastructure? What are your greatest concerns about infrastructure? How should utility regulation adjust to these needs and concerns, if at all? How different will electric power infrastructure be in the year 2040?

The following ten Commissioners took time from their packed schedules of regulating utilities in the public interest to respond: Pat O’Connell, Steve DeFrank, Jehmal Hudson, and Mary Throne are their Commission’s chair. Tricia Pridemore is NARUC First Vice President. Ann Rendahl is Second Vice President. Sarah Freeman chairs NARUC’s Subcommittee on Education and Research. Floyd McKissick chairs the Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest. Mary Throne chairs the Subcommittee on Clean Coal and Carbon Management. Jehmal Hudson chairs the Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment.


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