Fortnightly Magazine - October 2021

They're Accustomed to Being in the Front Lines

Industry Veterans

Thirty-five veterans in the new book “Front Lines to Power Lines” stand for the many thousands of vets in our industry. The book shines a light onto the unique qualities that vets bring with them, instinctively, qualities that are so very valuable to utility service.

A Day at the North Dakota PSC

State Commissions

This small but mighty Commission handles a lot in this vast agricultural and ranching state. North Dakota PSC is also in charge of weights and measures, protecting consumers by making sure they get what they pay for. Commissioners in North Dakota are elected and spend a lot of time traveling to hearings held among constituents for the serious business of regulating in the public interest.

N. Dakota PSC: Commissioner Randy Christmann


“One of the issues I campaigned on was my background with coal reclamation and my desire to make sure we have something similar in place for wind farms. We have 4,000 MW of wind in North Dakota. Someday, those need to be cleaned up too.”

N. Dakota PSC: Public Utilities Division

Director & Analyst

“In the last legislative session, the legislature did a lot of work with carbon capture and storage. We just had an application for a pipeline to move the carbon dioxide from where it’s being produced and gathered to a storage facility. We permitted that one.”