Fortnightly Magazine - August 2023

NARUC in Summertime

Tough Questions

The density of utility regulatory and policy folks in the more than adequately air-conditioned JW Marriott Austin, gathered there for NARUC’s Summer Summit, even after adjusting for the three-digit temperatures outside the conference’s hotel, hit record highs.

Duck Curve Now Canyon Cliffs


“The depth of the canyon in PJM is projected to be around seventy gigawatts in 2035. Which is equal to the total peak load of New England. And the average hourly ramp rate is projected to be over ten gigawatts per hour.”

Kjellander Calls: Gladys Brown Dutrieuille

Pennsylvania PUC

“I’ve always said take advantage of the resources that are readily available to you. That’s why you have an organization like MACRUC, a regional organization, but you have the national organization, NARUC.”

Kjellander Calls: Sarah Freeman

Indiana URC

“Allowing a Chair of the Subcommittee on Education and Research to develop expertise and nurture relationships over the course of three years is critical to NARUC’s mission of providing top-notch education to its members.”

Equity at Southern Company

Unique Conversations

“We looked at the number of HBCU graduates we have working at Southern Company and created a Southern Company HBCU Alumni Network to support inclusion efforts through engagement with our employees and our HBCUs.”

Equity at Eversource Energy

Unique Conversations

“The impact on our employees is evident. People are having conversations and are asking questions. I’ve had employees call me and say, ‘I want to understand this topic better.’”