Siemens to Supply 12 Direct-Drive Wind Turbines to Süderlügum in Germany

Siemens Energy secured an order for a total capacity of 36 MW in Nordfriesland, Germany. Siemens is to supply twelve direct-drive wind turbines, eleven model SWT-3.0-113 and one model SWT-3.0-101 turbine, for the Süderlügum publicly-operated wind farm. Siemens has also been contracted for a 20-year service and maintenance agreement. Süderlügum has the ability to utilize renewable energy sources during calm weather by the "Reactive Power at No Wind" technology from Siemens. This option enables the wind turbines to stabilize the alternating current power grid when no wind is blowing, by producing reactive power and feeding this power into the grid. Installation for the Süderlügum wind farm is scheduled for late 2014.