Off Peak

Professor chokes on green group emissions.<b> </b>

Off Peak

November 1, 2001

Nightmare Scenario


Professor chokes on green group emissions.

Nuclear and Coal: Rebirth on the Horizon?

An analysis of the business opportunities behind coal and nuclear plant expansion.


An analysis of the business opportunities behind coal and nuclear plant expansion.

Electric power industry trade publications and the popular media have noted a growing interest in the rebirth of both nuclear power and coal-fired generation. These technologies would be a supplement to, or an alternative to, the natural gas fired generation that appears to be the predominant fuel and technology for new power generation facilities in the coming decade.

Wind Power, Poised for Take Off?

A survey of projects and economics.

Wind Power: Poised for Take Off?


A survey of projects and economics.

The amount of electricity generated from wind in the U.S. is expected to surge this year - owing in large part to hydropower shortages out West, natural gas price volatility across the country, and high capacity factors for wind turbines, which help to offset the intermittent nature of wind energy generation.

The Bush Plan and Beyond: Toward a More Rational U.S. Energy Policy

Any plan to reduce energy consumption should rest on economics &#151; not ideology.

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The Gas-fired Future: Boom or Bust?

Last year brought prices not seen for decades. So consumers will buy less gas, just as before, and send the forecasts out the window.

1 For examples of the degree to which buildings have conservation features such as multiple glazing and exterior or interior shading and awnings the reader is referred to "A Look at Commercial Buildings in 1995: Characteristics, Energy Consumption and Energy Expenditures," DOE/EIA - 0625 (95), October 1998. For information on conservation practice in the residential sector see "A Look at Residential Energy Consumption in 1997," DOE/EIA - 0632 (97), November 1999.

Was Gas to Blame? Exploring the Cause of California's High Prices

Basis exploded, but so did heat rates and NO<sub>x </sub>credits.

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