North Carolina Utilities Commission


The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners has elected Susan F. Clark, commissioner of the Florida Public Service Commission, as its representative on the North American Electric Reliability Council. Clark has served as Florida's commissioner since 1991. Commissioner of the North Carolina Utilities Commission, Allyson K. Duncan, also was elected to serve as a NARUC representative. Duncan will represent NARUC on the advisory council to the board of directors of EPRI.

Tony A. Prophet, former new business development v.p.

North Carolina Oks Duke Merger

The North Carolina Utilities Commission has approved the proposed $7.7-billion merger of Duke Power Co. and Houston-based PanEnergy Corp. to form Duke Energy Corp., subject to conditions designed to protect North Carolina ratepayers from potential adverse effects.

The commission said the merger must ensure that ratepayers of the new company receive no fewer benefits than ratepayers in other jurisdictions.

N.C. Suspends Long-term Avoided-cost Rates

The North Carolina Utilities Commission has permitted the state's major investor-owned electric utilities to suspend their

existing avoided-cost rate offers for long-term power purchases from qualifying cogeneration facilities, pending regulatory review.

The commission said it would also review a proposal by North Carolina Power Co. to reduce the eligibility threshold for the avoided-cost rates from the current capacity level of 5,000 kilowatts, to only 100 kW.

Consumers Would Overpay.

LDC Would Act as "Marketer"

The North Carolina Utilities Commission has approved a proposal by Public Service Co. of North Carolina (the "LDC") to market gas supplies and unused pipeline capacity to large users through a joint venture between its own affiliate and a non-affiliated gas marketer.

The affiliate, PSNC Production Corporation, will own 50% of the new venture. The second venture partner is an unnamed, nonaffiliated marketing company that operates on a nationwide basis.

Per-use Calling Services Draw Complaints

Consumer complaints about billings for newly introduced "per-use" services offered by local exchange carriers (LECs) has prompted the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) to direct BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., Carolina Telephone and Telegraph Co., and Central Telephone Co. to improve customer education and offer liberal forgiveness policies for charges associated with the new services.


SCANA Corp. promoted William B. Timmerman, president, to COO. John L. Skolds, senior v.p. of generation at SCANA subsidiary South Carolina Electric & Gas, became president and COO. Skolds replaces Bruce D. Kenyon, who left the company to become president of Northeast Nuclear Energy Co.

James T. Egler was promoted from president of Equitable Resources Inc.'s marketing division to CEO of Equitable Gas Co., a regulated subsidiary.

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp. promoted Bob Bahnick to v.p., operations & engineering.

Purchased Power: How Much n the Fuel Clause?

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) has rejected a request by Duke Power Co. to recover as a cost of fuel some 90 percent of the price of bulk power purchased from Enron Power Marketing, Inc.

Instead, it allowed Duke to recover only 59 percent Enron purchases, the level of fuel costs Enron could verify by directly contacting the generating utilities. Nevertheless, it said it would not accept "hearsay" evidence on the share of costs attributable to fuel.

Long-distance Rates Must Track Access Charges

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) has upheld an earlier ruling (issued May 2) that required interexchange carriers (IXCs), on a dollar-for-dollar basis, to reduce rates for basic intrastate message telephone service (MTS) so as to flow through to MTS customers certain reductions in local telephone access charges.

It denied requests by the IXCs to share the rate reductions with all switched-access customers, rather than target the rate cuts to basic toll services only.

N.C. Assigns New Gas-service Areas

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) has made preliminary assignments of unfranchised gas-service areas to local distribution companies (LDCs), pursuant to a 1995 state law. An earlier NCUC order sought applications from LDCs (see, Re Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity for Natural Gas Service, 164 PUR4th 591 (N.C.U.C. 1995)).

Electric Restructuring: To and Fro

Two more states at opposite ends of the country have acted substantively on electric utility restructuring (em one moving full speed ahead toward unbundling of wholesale "merchant" services, the other seeking to slow down the transition to retail wheeling.

The Nevada Public Service Commission (PSC) has released draft sections of a report on electric industry restructuring that was scheduled to go to the state legislature in June.