Retirement is Coming

Preparing for New England’s capacity transition.

A wave of coal-fired plant retirements presages a possible crisis in the New England market. As load-serving utilities in ISO New England become increasingly dependent on natural gas-fired capacity and large-scale renewable generators, the region might be forced to rely on expensive cost-of-service reliability contracts to keep the lights on. Stakeholders are considering alternative approaches to encouraging power plant development, including special rate incentives previously reserved for transmission projects. Paul J. Hibbard, former Massachusetts DPU chairman and now vice president with the Analysis Group, analyzes how resource constraints are blurring the lines between competitive markets and integrated resource planning in New England.

Off Peak

Fortnightly's Field Guide to CEOs

They just don't make 'em like they used to. CEOs, that is. Where once CEOs could count on at least a decade of chauffeur-driven limos, stock options, and seven-figure bonuses, in today's hostile habitat, CEOs have a shrinking lifespan. That is the conclusion of a Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) study on CEO turnover.