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EVs & Storage

The Power of Innovation, Part II

Utility Execs' Roundtable: We sat down with five utility execs who lead their companies on innovation

By Public Utilities Fortnightly

Migrating to a model that focuses on product and service volume to produce margins is a fundamental shift. But the challenge these executives acknowledge is learning how to blend several unique business models as the scope of their business expands.

EPRI Podcast: Open Road for Electric Vehicles

Creating Key Infrastructure

Aimee Mills with Dan Bowermaster, EPRI

How will utilities approach a charging infrastructure with 46 electric vehicle models on the market by 2020? This is of particular interest in California, which has a mandate of 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

Monetizing Energy Storage

Massachusetts Case Study

Andrew Kaplan

Currently, California and Oregon are the only states to issue an energy storage mandate. Massachusetts is considering whether to establish such a mandate and if procurement targets are warranted, the amount of additional energy storage to procure.

Energy Future in Ohio Corn Fields

Village of Minster, Ohio

K Kaufmann

The real significance and impact of the Minster project lies in the story behind it. It’s the town’s remarkable ability to complete a privately financed solar-plus-storage installation. The leaders have flown under the radar in a state known as one of the least friendly to renewable energy in the nation.

The Powerwall Follies

A year later, reality is kicking in.

Steve Huntoon

One year after Elon Musk rolled out the Powerwall: The real price is 60 to 80 percent more than Musk claimed. A handful (yes, I mean about five) have actually been installed in Germany and Australia. None in the U.S. so far.

Utilities' Role in Transport Electrification: Capturing Benefits for All Ratepayers

Utility load growth from EVs can actually benefit all ratepayers by providing societal benefits and reducing utilities’ average cost of service.

Nancy Ryan and Lucy McKenzie

An EV charging infrastructure network only provides value and reduces range anxiety to the degree it is well maintained.

Hydrogen Power

A New Initiative, a New Fuel Cell Car

Richard Stavros

General Motors unveiled its Autonomy fuel cell car, which it says is the first vehicle designed exclusively for the fuel cell.

Utilities' Role in Transport Electrification: Promoting Competition, Balancing Risks

First of two-part series. See part two, Capturing Benefits for All Ratepayers, in the April 2016 issue.

Nancy Ryan & Lucy McKenzie

Utility investments to support EV adoption may be structured and scaled to benefit all customers.

Four Utilities, Four Strategies

Installing utility-scale, grid-connected battery storage.

William Atkinson

Stories on installing grid-connected battery storage from AEP, Green Mountain Power, Imperial Irrigation District, and Kauai Island (Hawaii) Utility Co-op.

Drinking the Electric Kool-Aid

Battery Storage: The hoopla far exceeds the reality.

Steve Huntoon

Mahler’s music was better than it sounded, and so is battery energy storage.