EVs & Storage

Cruising into the Future

Illinois Explores Electric Vehicles

Coordinated charging can improve frequency regulation, smooth out the generation intermittency from DERs, and increase efficient electricity usage.

A Utility Perspective

We’re Electrifying the Road

All those devices that people see in smart homes, smart cities, and distributed generation, need to be interconnected centrally to the regulated utility for them to work most economically and efficiently.

Car Manufacturers Are Moving Fast

We’re Electrifying the Road

Utilities can use this direct relationship with every consumer and every corporation to deliver very compelling and credible messages about electric vehicles.

Electrifying America's Buses

We’re Electrifying the Road

It’s quite a daunting technical challenge to build an electric vehicle that can serve as a U.S. mass transit bus.

Where Energy Storage is Headed

Economics are increasingly competitive

PUF’s Steve Mitnick: What are your top goals for 2018 as the CEO of the Energy Storage Association?

Kelly Speakes-Backman: The energy storage industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, and with it, ESA will expand its support of the market. 2018 will be a year of continued growth for ESA and the storage industry, but also one of reflection on what the future will hold and how ESA can be a catalyst for this growth.

Revisiting the Regulatory Paradigm

Where Do DERs Fit In?

Too often discussions on complex topics like valuing and rewarding DER resources occur in silos. Here are some questions to form the basis for conversations between stakeholders. To stimulate policy-making, the answers must be shared with the other sector representatives.