Nuclear Closures

Where is the Public Interest?

Debates rage in state houses across the country about subsidizing the weakening nuclear power industry. Not for new nuclear plants, but rather subsidies to prevent the early retirement of existing nuclear power stations.

Zero Emissions Credits

State Priorities vs. Regional Differences

Recently adopted state programs to foster existing nuclear generation are being challenged in the courts for potentially infringing on FERC’s wholesale market jurisdiction. 2017 could prove to be the year when state policy priorities began to elbow aside voluntary regional market constructs.

Vogtle Tour

Picture Energy

PUF toured the Vogtle 3 - 4 nuclear power construction site near Augusta GA on March 1, 2017. At four times the size of New York's Central Park, this place is huge.

Toshiba Exit Transforms Nuclear Market

Maybe a U.S. Nuclear Revival

Toshiba recently announced that financial write-offs related to its troubled nuclear division, Westinghouse Electric, would total about $6.2 billion dollars. Since the write-off announcements, Toshiba's stock price has been cut in half. Toshiba's financial collapse changes the face of the nuclear industry.

Nuclear Energy's Critical Illness

Continue With Failed Treatments or Pursue the Cure?

Many supporters of nuclear technology have tried to correct significant challenges on assorted issues from the public, the media, and the scientific, regulatory and political sectors. But these efforts failed; they could not acknowledge the true illness and pursue the cure. This discussion focuses on what that illness is, how the industry has treated it, how to cure it, and one way to achieve a new political and regulatory environment that can save the patient.

Nuclear Innovation Is Not an Oxymoron

EPRI Podcast: Advanced Nuclear Looks Promising

Advanced nuclear technologies are closer to reality than you might think. To make a breakthrough, they'll need to provide significant advantages over current technologies, such as operating at low pressures and very high temperatures, and including inherent safety features.