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Nuclear Energy's Critical Illness

Continue With Failed Treatments or Pursue the Cure?

Charles Pennington and Jeffry Siegel

Many supporters of nuclear technology have tried to correct significant challenges on assorted issues from the public, the media, and the scientific, regulatory and political sectors. But these efforts failed; they could not acknowledge the true illness and pursue the cure. This discussion focuses on what that illness is, how the industry has treated it, how to cure it, and one way to achieve a new political and regulatory environment that can save the patient.

Nuclear Innovation Is Not an Oxymoron

EPRI Podcast: Advanced Nuclear Looks Promising

Aimee Mills with Tina Taylor, Andrew Sowder, and Shane Johnson

Advanced nuclear technologies are closer to reality than you might think. To make a breakthrough, they'll need to provide significant advantages over current technologies, such as operating at low pressures and very high temperatures, and including inherent safety features.

Nuclear Power as A Carbon Reduction Strategy

Low Carbon, not Always Low Cost

Moody's Investors Service

Consider the current U.S. low power price environment as the country shifts away from coal and toward cleaner energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. What are the prospects that nuclear energy will continue to play a role in the U.S. power mix? That's the question that Michael Haggarty addressed in a recent report on global nuclear power generation.

Path Forward for Storage

Managing Aging Nuclear Storage Canisters

Shannon Chu

The Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, will publish nuclear aging management and inspection guidance in early 2017. These will address the potential for chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking in welded stainless steel canisters in dry-cask storage systems.

Small Modular Reactors and Path Not Taken

Military Rivalry Fueled Nuclear Program

Leonard Hyman and William Tilles

If we had to choose a new nuclear generating technology today, we would emphasize one that had no potential for catastrophic failure and minimized problems of long term waste storage. Perhaps we should revisit the path not taken: a thorium-fueled nuclear reactor design.

Nuclear Energy: Tastes like Chicken

Combo platter, nuclear and renewables, best deal on the menu

Tim Echols

In a world where carbon dioxide has become somehow toxic, carbon-free energy sources are sought after all over the world. Nuclear energy is the other white meat, so to speak. Renewable nuclear energy, which can be recycled, has great value and should be encouraged. Here are five things policy makers can do to enhance the taste of nuclear energy.

How the Environmental Movement Changed its Mind on Nuclear Power

The anti-growth, anti-people extremists who started the anti-nuclear movement were wrong.

Michael Shellenberger

If nuclear were subsidized at the same levels as solar and wind, or allowed to contribute to state RPS, nuclear would continue to be highly economical.

Nuclear Debate: Hansen is Wrong about Nuclear Power

Nuclear, a drain on our ability to deal with climate solutions, energy needs.

Russell Lowes and Edward Mainland

Dr. James Hansen, the renowned climate change scientist, has said that nuclear power is essential to combat climate change. We disagree. Nuclear energy is a boondoggle.

Nuclear Life Extension

Deciding whether to go forward with a second license renewal.

Lee Williams

A majority of nuclear power plant operators already have received operating license renewals – to operate their plants for 20 years beyond the 40 years outlined in their initial operating licenses. As utilities decide whether or not to invest in license renewal, they must consider three key questions.

Gold Standard, or Gold-Plated Handcuffs?

Why NRC must combine regulation with innovation.

Llewellyn King

The NRC today has come to serve not just as policeman, but also judge and jury.