Regulation & Policy

Renewable Energy Development

Era of the Paris Agreement

As renewables have become cheaper, it is now economical for developing nations to opt for clean power over fossil fuel generation.

Renaissance Commissioner

Making Energy Policy in A Key State

We spoke with former Arizona Corporation Commission Chair Bob Stump, now focusing on energy policy nationwide and a variety of issues at the Arizona Legislature.

Is Good Utility Regulation in Jeopardy?

Balance and Adaptability are Critical

The three mortal sins of utility regulation are ideology, ignorance and inertia (the three I's). Acting on political beliefs, inadequate information, and past conditions that no longer exist is a recipe for poor regulation.

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Changing the Industry

Updates and Forecast for 2017

Since 1983, renewable portfolio standards have been enacted in 29 states, with 8 others setting different benchmarks. In addition to increasing renewable energy generation in states that have adopted these standards, the standards have driven renewable energy development in states without them.

Facilitating Innovation

Making Regulation a Better Surrogate for Competition

There are some ways, though perhaps modest, for regulators to move their utilities along and encourage appropriate risk taking.

Refocusing Rate Design Debates

Public Interest before Special Interest

We must get back to pricing fundamentals. The goals of performance and or incentive-based regulation apply to consumers and not just producers. Here are three questions that every rate design investigation should consider.