Smart Grid

Building the Utility Platform

Designing for the Future

The utility of the future will be more renewable, distributed and democratic because it can be and it must be, given the arc of technology, economics and human preference.

Open, Standard, Direct-Access Communications Interfaces

Why They Matter

There is impressive growth in the types of devices that could play a part in utility and aggregator programs to provide grid support. But there are stranded investment risks if utilities, manufacturers, and consumers make communications interface choices that are not open, standard, and supportive of direct access.

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Energy and Telecom Oases and Deserts

I want to encourage the research and deployment of technologies that enhance human capabilities and quality of life. But our primary concern is to protect the most vulnerable customers from being excluded.

Change Underway in Electric Power Industry

Key Trends Volume Released

In 2016, the Institute for Electric Innovation released Volumes I, II, and III of Key Trends Driving Change in The Electric Power Industry. The final volume examines rate and regulatory reform, data analytics, and grid modernization.

AMI to IoT

Lesson in Change

In today’s Internet of Things, businesses face a strikingly similar picture to what utilities saw in the early days of the smart grid. Consider what those lessons have in store for us today.