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Smart Grid

Change Underway in Electric Power Industry

Key Trends Volume Released

Lisa Wood

In 2016, the Institute for Electric Innovation released Volumes I, II, and III of Key Trends Driving Change in The Electric Power Industry. The final volume examines rate and regulatory reform, data analytics, and grid modernization.

AMI to IoT

Lesson in Change

Darren Highfill and Brad Bauch

In today’s Internet of Things, businesses face a strikingly similar picture to what utilities saw in the early days of the smart grid. Consider what those lessons have in store for us today.

Future Service-Oriented Utility

What is value of going digital?

Arun Mani and Stephanie Gainger

We see the potential for a large pot of value for utilities, sitting in clouds of smart meter data.

Active Grid

Where Smart Energy Meets Internet of Things

Philip Mezey

Imagine what could be achieved if the current modernized grid evolved to be even more dynamic, a complete solution encompassing electricity, gas and water.

Energy Cloud Playbook

Building Competitive Advantage for Grid of the Future

Mackinnon Lawrence and Jan Vrins

The pace and impact of change in the energy industry are unrelenting. Utilities must rethink many of the assumptions that have anchored strategic planning to date. This requires that utilities play both defense as well as offense to remain competitive.

A Five-Point Plan For The Next Wave Of Electricity Restructuring

The monopoly utility model was once expansive and revolutionary. Now, it is contracting and preservationist.

Philip O’Connor, Wayne Olson, and Robert Bussa

A plan for restructuring: Delivery service pricing reform; devolution of generation and re-allocating risk; stranded cost recovery; distributed resources neutrality; optimization of service offerings.

Microgrids and Battery Storage

In search of enlightened policy to build a solid business case.

Massoud Amin

A smart grid expert searches for a solid business case – and tells how to create enlightened policy to make it happen.

Going Smart at Scale

Your smart grid rollout should go live everywhere, right from the start.

Gary Ockwell

Distribution Management: Any smart grid rollout will gain the greatest benefits if applied at scale right from the start, to the maximum number of feeders, if not all of them.

Got Green? Then Get Smart.

Why it’s the growth of renewable resources that makes the most compelling case for a smarter grid.

Mark Madden

To manage the new instability, inherent in many renewable resources, it becomes necessary to introduce more intelligence and automation. That’s what makes the smart grid so compelling.

Efficiency on Display

Texas program succeeds, but faces sunset.

Wannie Park

A program in Texas is helping low-income customers benefit from energy savings devices that connect to the smart meter like in-home energy monitors and smart thermostats.