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The States

New Jersey Eyes Microgrids to Augment Reliability

Excerpt from the December 9, 2016 issue of PUR's Utility Regulatory News

Phillip Cross and Diane Boiler, Public Utilities Reports, Inc.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities determined that microgrids, whether based on CHP, fuel cell, solar, or some other technology, offer the promise of increased system resiliency. Especially with CHP-based microgrids, energy efficiency is advanced as well.

Renewable Portfolio Standards: Changing the Industry

Updates and Forecast for 2017

Brian Nese and Allison Post Harris

Since 1983, renewable portfolio standards have been enacted in 29 states, with 8 others setting different benchmarks. In addition to increasing renewable energy generation in states that have adopted these standards, the standards have driven renewable energy development in states without them.

Energy People: Clint Vince

We talked with Clint Vince, chair of the Dentons LLP Energy sector

Clint Vince, with Pat McMurray

Clint Vince has directed the expansion of the U.S. energy team to more than 1,000 professionals in 58 countries. His experience involves major project development, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and litigation and appellate cases, including U.S. Supreme Court advocacy.

Energy People: Chair Audrey Zibelman

We talked with Audrey Zibelman, Chair of the New York Public Service Commission

Chair Audrey Zibelman, with PUF’s Pat McMurray

Chair Zibelman has been responsible for designing and leading the regulatory market changes of the electric industry under Gov. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision, a comprehensive plan to modernize and transform New York’s electric industry. Previously she served as COO of PJM.

Energy People: D.C. PSC Staff

We talked with seven staff members of the District of Columbia Public Service Commission

D.C. PSC Staff, with Steve Mitnick

Commission staffs work behind the scenes, without much recognition, to make utility regulation effective. To hear some of their stories, we talked with seven staff members of the D.C. PSC.

Modernizing PURPA

Should FERC rewrite rules or let states make reforms?

Bruce Radford

Idaho has a problem with PURPA. So does North Carolina, and other states in between. Utilities have complaints too. Consider industry groups like EEI, representing investor-owned companies, NRECA, representing co-ops, and even NARUC, representing state utility regulators. Each has proposed new rules to fix PURPA, a longtime favorite of enviros. And don’t forget Berkshire Hathaway.

States Want to Know About Utility Biz Models

Issue brief being released this summer.

Aliza Wasserman and Sam Cramer

While details of electricity business models are the purview of commissions, governors can play a key role in shaping the conversation.

Illinois Approach to Regulating Distribution Utility of the Future

Annual formula rate is working to stabilize distribution ratemaking.

Ross Hemphill and Val Jensen

A lot has been said of alternative ratemaking approaches. The clearest, most direct path is what has been happening in Illinois, a success by any reasonable measure for a distribution utility.

Tale of Two Grids

What a review of PUC cases tells us about the future of consumer technology and grid modernization.

Cameron Brooks

There may be a more fundamental schism that raises fundamental questions about the role of the distribution utility and footprint of the natural monopoly.

Illicit Marketing Practices

State PUCs take aim at unscrupulous electric and gas suppliers.

Phillip Cross

We’ll cover state PUC rulings from New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio, dealing with 1) billing overcharges, 2) deceptive promises of savings, 3) faulty enrollment practices, 4) “slamming,” 5) misleading sales scripts used in telemarketing, 6) hidden fixed charges, and 7) concealed pass-through clauses.