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Where are the Smart States?

Cities Seem to be Getting All the Limelight

Fiber to traffic lights will be as important as fiber to the home. States can do much to accelerate communications infrastructure for the necessary connectivity.

Ohio PUC: John Williams

Service Monitoring and Enforcement

“We act as a window into the PUCO; folks can call here if they’re having problems communicating with their utility company or resolving a dispute.”

Ohio PUC: Tammy Turkenton

Director, Rates and Analysis Department

“In a distribution rate case, it wouldn’t be unusual for 15 to 20 people to work on a particular case.”

Ohio PUC: Kristina Schaefer

Chief, Grid Modernization and Security

“A big part of PowerForward is setting a holistic policy for grid modernization, so that potential benefits aren’t being left on the table.”

Ohio PUC: Bethany Allen

Chief Commission Aide

“I present a thorough review to the chairman that highlights decision points, provides recommendations.”

Ohio PUC: Tom Johnson


“We know that when a manufacturer or industry is looking at a location, they’re considering what the energy rates are.”

Ohio PUC: Dan Conway


“We want to provide a more efficient, robust, and opportunity-rich infrastructure here, particularly on the electricity side.”

Ohio PUC: Beth Trombold


“The main purpose of PowerForward is to put together guidelines to move the state in the same direction as opposed to a lot of different directions.”