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Fortnightly Magazine - January 1 2001

Price Spike Tsunami: How Market Power Soaked California

Last year saw no shift in fundamentals. Then why was the ISO so willing to be deceived?
Robert McCullough


FERC's California Fix: Opportunities Lost and Found

Forget market share. Forget costs. But listen to the data.
Robert J. Michaels

FERC's Merger Policy: Still Founded on Market Power

But the fly in the ointment is computer modeling, where no one yet agrees on how to mirror the real world.
Carmen L. Gentile and J. Michel Marcoux


But the fly in the ointment is computer modeling, where no one yet agrees on how to mirror the real world.

A promise made is a promise kept, even in the halls of government.

Key to the Citygate

Have gas prices fallen victim to speculation?

Bruce W. Radford

On Thursday, Dec. 8, as natural gas hit $40 at the citygate for Southern California (prices hit $60 that Friday), I found myself in Colonial Williamsburg, a guest of Michigan State University's Institute of Public Utilities, at the group's annual conference, watching a panel of industry experts try in vain to explain what was happening.


Commissioner Nora Mead Brownell

News Digest

Calif. PUC Application 99-08-022, proposed decisions by Barnett (Aug. 2, 2000), Neeper (Sept. 19, 2000), and Bilas (Nov. 6, 2000)


News Digest



Public Utilities Fortnightly

A report titled "NY Cash Infusion," appearing in the "News Digest, Transmission & ISOs" pages of the Nov. 1, 2000 edition of , could leave readers with the erroneous impression that the NYISO [New York Independent System Operator] required emergency action to pay its bills. This would be grossly inaccurate.

News Analysis

The lawyers debated over ozone and soot, but the markets saw NOx as the "smoking gun."
Carl J. Levesque


News Analysis