Fortnightly Magazine - May 1 2002

The Great Canadian Gas Race

Northern gas rush proves timely for power generators.

America’s insatiable demand for clean burning power generated in newly minted natural gas-fired power plants has caused a massive Canada-wide hunt for new gas resources, and a search for how to get it across the border.

Utility Risk Programs: Success or Failure?

State public service commissions are insisting that utilities adopt risk management programs, and are allowing less pass-through for those that don't.

A well-known economist analyzes how well U.S. utilities performed in their risk management programs during 2001/2002.

20/20 Hindsight: The Gas Forecasting Dilemma

The recent experience of MichCon illustrates what happens when forecasters at gas distribution companies guess wrong.

The Michigan Consolidated Gas Company’s (MichCon) bad experience with gas forecasting illustrates an important public policy question: What is the optimal supply acquisition strategy for a regulated gas utility?

Indecent Disclosure?

Most pan FERC NOPR, but gas association eyes FERC role.

Citing overlap with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the power industry has largely panned FERC’s proposals to require greater disclosure on financial instruments and derivatives.

People (May 1, 2002)

Carol A. Isles is vice president and controller for CMS Energy Corp.'s natural gas pipeline unit, CMS Gas Transmission Co. The California ISO has named a new market surveillance committee. Dennis L. Haider, president of WBI Energy Services Inc., has been named executive vice president of business development and strategic planning for Utility Services Inc. and Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. And others ...

RTOs: The Billion Dollar Advantage

ICF study shows the national benefits of RTOs are too large to be ignored.

Sixty billion dollars in benefits. Less than $6 billion in costs. In any business, those numbers mean just one thing: you've got a winner.

Talking with Trans-Elect's Bernie Schroeder

His company, he admits, is all about cherry picking.

We wanted to learn the latest on who’s buying, selling and churning assets in the transmission world. Trans-Elect president and COO Bernie Schroeder did not disappoint.

Technology Mitigates Risk

Gas Race: Technology Mitigates Risk in Anadarko’s Western Canadian Gas Exploration Campaign

Beware of the eternal doomsayer who persists in warning we're going to run out of oil or gas sometime in our children or grandchildren's lifetimes. That's the advice from members of the exploration and production community who've seen firsthand the power of technology in finding and producing reserves.