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Fortnightly Magazine - September 2013

Taking the Reins of DSM Business Process Management

How to Drive Energy Savings, Cost-Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction

Download this white paper to learn how to transform DSM and energy efficiency business process management through a new system of record approach.

Final Report for Assessment of Visibility and Control Options for Distributed Energy Resources

Prepared by DNV KEMA

KEMA, Inc., (supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Energy Exemplar LLC (owners of PLEXOS production cost software); hereinafter referred to as the “KEMA Team”) provide this report to evaluate the market and operational impacts, and quantify the benefits and cost associated with gaining visibility and control of projected Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in California. 

For the People

Former Progress Energy CEO checks in from his new job at TVA.

Michael T. Burr, Editor-in-Chief

Fortnightly speaks with William Johnson, CEO of the Tennessee Valley Authority, about managing the country’s biggest government-owned power supplier.

People (September 2013)

Southern Power names William Grantham CFO; Allen Leverett succeeds Gale Klappa as Wisconsin Energy president; Derek Porter ascends to DPL president; OGE CFO Sean Trauschke becomes president of OG&E; plus personnel announcements at New York ISO, Washington UTC, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, and others.

Making Friends with Solar DG

Better to compete from within than fight from afar.

Kristian Hanelt

Utilities should embrace distributed solar generation, offering O&M, aggregation, or marketing services, rather than lament a lost business model.

Transactions (September 2013)

TECO acquires New Mexico Gas; Direct Energy acquires Bounce Energy; Duke floats $500 million in two tranches; plus debt deals from PPL Electric and Southern Power.

Reliability by the Barrel

New England turns to fuel oil for the coming winter.

Bruce W. Radford

Burning oil when gas supplies are tight increases costs for customers. Is it also discriminatory?

The Fortnightly 40 Best Energy Companies

The dash to gas brings volatility in shareholder performance.

Michael T. Burr

Fortnightly’s 2013 ranking of shareholder value performance shows substantial changes, with gas prices weighing on some utilities and elevating others.

Walking the Fuzzy Bright Line

The legality of state ROFR laws under FERC Order 1000.

Linda L. Walsh and Noelle J. Coates

States have passed laws to bypass FERC Order 1000 and its reforms favoring private grid developers. Could those laws themselves fall under attack?

Low Tech Resilience

Portable small-scale generators could keep vital services on line during a major power outage.

William Zarakas, Frank Graves, and Sanem Sergici

High-voltage generation reserves cost more than would portable, small-scale units to keep critical services on line during a major power outage.