Fortnightly Magazine - December 2016

Watch Your Language

Beware of Utility Lingo in Customer-centric World

To be heard, utilities must change the habit of relying on rate case jargon for customer communications.

Effective Rate Design

Two by Four, not a Nudge

Some might think that tweaking rates is all that is needed. This is false. Effective rate design must get customers’ attention. It is not a precise science that should be constrained by gradualism.

Monetizing Energy Storage

Massachusetts Case Study

Currently, California and Oregon are the only states to issue an energy storage mandate. Massachusetts is considering whether to establish such a mandate and if procurement targets are warranted, the amount of additional energy storage to procure.

Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency

A No-Brainer

We can make the standard arguments about why energy efficiency makes sense. But there is also another benefit: Improved energy efficiency provides direct health benefits to low-income households.

Capitalism Debates Socialism in Honolulu

Hawaii Considering Alternatives to Private Sector Ownership

Lawmakers in Hawaii are really asking three interconnected questions. Do we need stockholders or shareholders to finance our electric utility? Are we comfortable with private sector management setting goals for the local electricity business? If the electric business is run publicly as a not-for-profit, how will we set rates?

Architecture for the Integrated Grid

Built to Last Means Built to Change

To realize the full value of distributed resources and to serve all consumers at the highest standards of quality and reliability, the grid needs to expand its scope. What is needed is an intentional architecture that enables communication and coordination between devices and systems, regardless of their manufacturer.

Challenging Common Excuses for Ignoring Grid Analytics

Heart of Digital Transformation Strategy

The three barriers to grid analytics – fear, uncertainty and doubt – can be overcome. Indeed, if utilities want to remain competitive, they should be. Where companies have moved ahead with successful implementations, the benefits are manifest.

December Birthdays

Edward Hammer, Bertha Lamme Feicht, William Merrill, Marcel Deprez

Hammer came up with the idea of making the fluorescent into a spiral in the shape of, well, a bulb.

Dripping Electricity

It leaked, she contended, out of empty sockets if the wall switch had been left on.

Her own mother lived the latter years of her life in the horrible suspicion that electricity was dripping invisibly all over the house.