Fortnightly Magazine - June 2018

We Bought PUF!

Nineteen Hundredth Issue. And the First.

Joe Paparello and I were so impressed with the power of the PUF platform — for opinion, commentary and debate — that we bought it.

A Day at the PUC of Ohio

Thirteen interviews

PUF’s Steve Mitnick with Chair Asim Haque, Vice-Chair Beth Trombold, Commissioners Dan Conway, Larry Friedeman and Tom Johnson; and Bethany Allen, Hisham Choueiki, Angela Hawkins, Jeff Jones, Alan Martin, Howard Petricoff, Greg Price, Kristina Schaefer, Tammy Turkenton, John Williams.

Ohio PUC: Asim Haque


“We have changed the culture here at the agency about how we think of innovation and how we think of investment. That is not easy to do.”

Ohio PUC: Beth Trombold


“The main purpose of PowerForward is to put together guidelines to move the state in the same direction as opposed to a lot of different directions.”

Ohio PUC: Dan Conway


“We want to provide a more efficient, robust, and opportunity-rich infrastructure here, particularly on the electricity side.”

Ohio PUC: Tom Johnson


“We know that when a manufacturer or industry is looking at a location, they’re considering what the energy rates are.”

Ohio PUC: Bethany Allen

Chief Commission Aide

“I present a thorough review to the chairman that highlights decision points, provides recommendations.”