Fortnightly Magazine - September 2018

Grid Flexible Solar

Key to Unlocking Clean Energy Grid of the Future

The basic solar approach to development and utilization works well in early-stage markets with little renewables penetration.

Vets in Energy

Power of Vets through Association

Military service imbues men and women with discipline, technical skills, commitment, and leadership attributes, which translates into valuable skills for effective employment in the energy industry.

Cities Getting Smarter

At Dentons Smart Cities Summit

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz. CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams. Alliance to Save Energy President Jason Hartke. Former National Security Advisor General James Jones. New York Power Authority General Counsel Justin Driscoll. BGE Senior Vice President Alex Núñez. What do they have in common? They were all speakers and panelists at the Smart Cities Summit in Washington D.C. on July 25 - 26, 2018, hosted by the law firm Dentons. 


Policy Makers Council Summer Fly-in

The Policy Makers Council is a way to get across public power’s key messages to the Hill and federal agencies.

Blockchain: Future of Renewable Trading?

Blocking and Tackling

The blockchain is a more secure method for recording transactions, because as a distributed ledger, it does not have a single centralized point of storage that can be hacked.

Accelerating Generation Changes Make Assuring Reliability More Complex

A NERC Perspective

Assuring the reliability of the bulk-power system in North America requires identifying challenges and formulating appropriate solutions to a rapidly evolving generation-resource mix.

As the Electric Reliability Organization, NERC is charged with assuring the effective and efficient reduction of risks to the reliability and security of the grid. As such, NERC conducts annual, seasonal and special reliability assessments to identify and analyze trends or potential risks.