Fortnightly Magazine - September 2018

Veterans' Energy

Looking Forward to Veterans in Energy Forum

Veterans comprise 11% of the workforce in investor-owned energy companies and make up 22% of the nuclear workforce.

Florida PSC: Art Graham


“Our governor says there’s no reason why every single CEO wouldn’t want to bring his headquarters here to Florida.”

Florida PSC: Gary Clark


“Florida continues to be a leader by taking the right steps, cautiously, pragmatically, to balance consumer needs and costs with high growth, energy demand, fuel diversity.”

Florida PSC: Andrew Fay


“With the storms in our state, Floridians have high expectations there will be electricity even during bad weather.”

Florida PSC: Keith Hetrick, Mary Anne Helton

General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel

“Almost every week there’s a new issue that this commission hasn’t dealt with in many years, or it may be a unique issue or case of first impression.”