Fortnightly Magazine - October 2018

Georgia PSC: Bubba McDonald


"When it comes down to being stern and calling it like it is, I’m guilty. But I’ll go the extra mile for anybody that’s trying to do right."

Georgia PSC: Chuck Eaton


"There are a lot of states that seem to be focused on natural gas and alternative energy, and in the short-term that may be the way to go, but, we’re making 50, 60, 70-year decisions here."

Georgia PSC: Tim Echols


"Jumpstarting solar and finishing Plant Vogtle will most likely what we’ll be remembered for. Those two clean energy sources will be the solution for the future."

Georgia PSC: Doug Everett


"We’re the only state that’s building nuclear power plants. I am quite pro-nuclear. It is the safest, cheapest, and most reliable electricity there is."

Georgia PSC: Deborah Flannagan and Tom Bond

Executive Director and Director of Utilities

"The days that are the most fun are when we’re faced with a challenge, and we must figure out how do we balance state laws, administrative procedures, and regulation."