Fortnightly Magazine - December 2018

NARUC's 130th Annual

Aloha, Elections, Committees, and Minions

NARUC's 130th Annual Meeting took place in Orlando November 11-14, 2018. Kicked off by a Sunday-evening reception, all were ready to get to work.

Meet the Youngest Commissioner in the Country

Anastasia Palivos, Illinois Commerce Commission

My main goals during my first year as a commissioner were to be a good listener, be fully accessible to all parties, and to dig into all the different energy issues.

Talking Water at the NARUC Annual Meeting

Susan Story, CEO, American Water

As the largest water utility in the United States, we’re the only one that has our own research and innovation product development group. It works because of our size and scale.

Cyber Threats, Emerging Defenses

NARUC, NASUCA, EPRI, Utilities, Security Firms on Cyber

At the Utility Infrastructure Security Conference in Connecticut, NARUC, NASUCA, EPRI, utilities, and security firms discuss cyber.

Innovating Buildings at EPRI

Integrating Technologies

PUF met with one of the leading experts on improving the energy efficiency and overall quality of new and existing buildings.

At an Energy Hackathon in Brooklyn

Hacking Ideas on our Energy Future

AABE Hackathon developers are passionate about our energy future and understanding what drives customers facing energy choices.