Fortnightly Magazine - July 2019

State Legislators' Smart Communities Summit

Unique conversations

Columbus was a timely location for the National Association of State Legislators' Smart Communities Summit. In May, it took place just before the IllumiNation Energy Summit — hosted by AEP, Ohio State University, Battelle and Smart Columbus — and right across the street.

Smart Communities Summit: Florida

State Legislators

Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes: "We want to gain from Columbus what’s working, what isn’t working, how the partnerships are developing, and what we can take home."

Smart Communities Summit: South Carolina

State Legislators

S. Carolina State Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter: "When you talk about these autonomous vehicles, you are talking about a real change in the landscape, an idea whose time has come, whether we want it or not."

Engineering Smart Communities

Telecom and Transportation Charging for Smart Cities

The six elements that Grandview had conversations around include smart street lighting, video, digital signage, city apps, Wi-Fi, and data analytics.