Fortnightly Magazine - July 2019

Why Some Communities are Smartest

Austin, Columbus, San Antonio, Spokane, suburban Birmingham

A smart city uses tech and data for faster city services, safer streets, smoother traffic flow, easier parking, more ways to get around, 5G everywhere, cleaner air and water, sustainable energy.

Chair Jim Huston

A Day at the Indiana URC

"The Commission aims to be the bridge between utilities looking to hire, and veterans who can fill the positions."

Commissioner Sarah Freeman

A Day at the Indiana URC

"Our utilities have great leadership and they’re growing more comfortable with the collaborative approach to most issues that the Commission has encouraged them to engage in for the last few years."

Commissioner David Ober

A Day at the Indiana URC

"Politics plays a very small role here. It gets you through the front door, but it doesn’t define your service once you’re here."

Indiana URC: Beth Heline

A Day at the Indiana URC

"When statutes get passed or enacted, we are the ones who help implement the law, like starting rulemakings, and see what kind of processes need to change here."

Indiana URC: Dale Thomas

A Day at the Indiana URC

"Over the next decade you’re going to see things go from more of an accounting based – here’s the cost to do something – to a business based, here’s the value of doing something."