Fortnightly Magazine - January 2020

Sue Kelly and PUF's Owen Young Award

Sue Stood Out with Her Sharp Mind and Sharp Wit

Like David Owens, Kelly has retired from the leadership of one of our great utility associations and leaves our whole industry with precious memories and the positive changes they wrought.


Without Vertical Integration, Retailers Limited

Why should we have supposed that residential bills would be significantly lower under competition?

PUF's CFO Roundtable

Panel Discussion With Four CFOs

Roundtable discussion with the chief financial officers of Consolidated Edison (Robert Hoglund), ITC Holdings (Gretchen Holloway), PSEG (Dan Cregg) and Xcel Energy (Bob Frenzel).

Financial Conference's Chair

Duke Energy CFO

“We’ve been aggressive in our clean energy plan and we’ve committed to reduce carbon output by at least 50% by 2030 and are striving for net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Owen Young Award to Sue Kelly

PUF's Highest Honor

David Owen was the First Honoree in June 2017. Now Sue Kelly Becomes the Second. Conversations with former APPA CEO Mark Crisson, former FERC Chair Cheryl LaFleur, NRECA General Counsel Rich Meyer, Morgan Meguire LLC CEO Deborah Sliz, and American Municipal Power EVP Jolene Thompson.

NARUC Annual Meeting's Panel on ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance issues

Jim Kerr outlines how investor-owned companies, and Southern Company specifically, are responding to ESG issues with transparency and real environmental, social, and governance progress.

NARUC Annual Meeting

You Had To Be In San Antonio

You had to be in San Antonio at NARUC's Annual Meeting. Not just for your fill of regulatory knowledge and Tex-Mex food offerings. It's a great opportunity to mix and mingle.