Fortnightly Magazine - January 2020

Electrify Everything?

Heat and Light in Deep Decarbonization Policies

This article attempts to highlight some of the logical disconnects and omissions in the current electrification debate. The author has no conflict of interest in this analysis and is strongly supportive of deep decarbonization policies.

Grid Modernization

State Policies

The Energy Supply Task Force is most relevant to utilities and Commissions given that legislators establish the parameters within which PUCs and utilities operate.

Curing the Analytical Bias

Replacing Discount Rate Driven NPV with IRR Analysis

NPV analysis relies on the selected discount rate. The selected discount rate can affect the outcome of the analysis. Thus, the introduction of a new metric; the differential internal rate of return (DIRR), and its expected value are discussed.

Broader Innovation Insights

Engaging Market Collaborators

Third-party collaboration relationships should be designed to provide benefits to customers, such as tangible advantages that enhance business choices about energy resources or fit the needs for energy awareness at the premise.