Fortnightly Magazine - December 2020

Rising Impact of Resiliency

EEI Financial Conference

In addition to the changing business environment, many utilities have set ambitious greenhouse gas goals and several states set aggressive clean energy standards and targets. The increasing severity and frequency of weather events coupled with the threat of cyberattacks have increased focus on the importance of resilience CAPEX.

Financial Health and Regulation

EEI Financial Conference

Panelists discussed customer impacts of COVID-19, results of the industry’s cutoff moratoria, and efforts to sustain service in a challenging operating environment, as well as regulatory cost recovery mechanisms.

Evolution of ESG

EEI Financial Conference

What are companies doing to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce, supply chain, and in the communities they serve?

Improving RTO Governance

NASUCA Annual Meeting

This panel discussed areas of governance and market operation that customers believe must be addressed, whether at RTOs, FERC, or through Congress aimed at developing a process to align these interests with customers of varying classes.