Fortnightly Magazine - August 2021

APPA National Conference: Welcome

Memorable Moments

“Most agree that a net zero carbon emissions goal by 2035 is unachievable by the majority of public power utilities. A 2050 goal would still be difficult, but perhaps more achievable if there are breakthroughs in technology and the siting and permitting process is reformed.”

Resilience and Response: A CEO Perspective

APPA National Conference

This panel of industry leaders found new ways to manage simultaneous crises while still inspiring and motivating others. Each CEO reflected on how his or her experience from the past year reshaped their views on crisis response and what it means to be resilient.

Leading Utility Transformation

APPA National Conference

This panel of public power leaders explored how they motivate their organizations to shift away from the status quo and foster strategic change, from making progress on carbon reduction goals to deploying new grid technologies and engaging key stakeholders to keep the process transparent, accountable, and equitable.