NARUC's 2022 Winter Policy Summit Pictured


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Fortnightly Magazine - March 2022

NARUC's 2022 Winter Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. had something for everyone, held during the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day, making regulation feel a bit more, well, fun. The business of regulation in the public interest was of course serious as usual, but there were footballs and hearts to be found.

The PUF team was there, and in these pages celebrates NARUC and some one thousand four hundred attendees, over ninety percent of whom were there in person. The Winter Summit had lots going on, with jam-packed sessions, and pandemic-weary people glad to see each other.

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Lead image: Panel on Partnerships Between Telecom and Utilities to Support Grid Modernization and DER Integration, from left, co-moderator, Pennsylvania Chair Gladys Brown Dutrieuille, Anterix’s Andrew Bordine, co-moderator Michigan Commissioner Tremaine Phillips, Crown Castle’s Heather Wilkins and Schneider Electric’s Mark Feasel.


NARUC's 2022 Winter Policy Summit Articles: