Fortnightly Magazine - April 2022

Managing California's Grid

California ISO

“The market has been evolving in the west, starting from a bilateral market toward the Western Energy Imbalance Market. As we move into the day ahead market and potentially beyond, governance will need to continue evolving.”

Managing the Western Interconnection


“We have delegated authority and responsibility from NERC to assure all registered entities in the Western Interconnection are complying with the mandatory reliability standards.”

Clean Should Mean Affordable

Franklin Energy

“For utilities and states to reach their climate goals, it is essential we pursue a more innovative approach to energy affordability and give working families and disadvantaged communities better access to efficient and clean energy.”

Powering Arkansas

Arkansas Electric Cooperative

“We want to continue to have enough baseload power to reliably serve our members. That would be multiple types of resources, whether it’s nuclear, coal, or natural gas.”