Fortnightly Magazine - June 2022

Picture Energy: Memorable Moments in Vancouver


Cross-border relations are important, and it is a natural fit to find regulators from the United States at the highly-regarded annual meeting for Canadian regulators.

Much camaraderie and regulatory learning in the public interest took place in the stunning city of Vancouver in early May.

Plan on being in Toronto in 2023 for the next must-attend CAMPUT conference. Enjoy our Facebook gallery of memorable moments.


Somersault into Disruption


“The need to secure social acceptance of the energy transition is pushing policymakers and energy companies to engage with previously unnoticed social aspects of energy policy. The energy transition won’t happen if energy democratization doesn’t happen.”

Regulators Testing the Waters


“How do you create the balance between the necessary upgrades and the anticipatory upgrades you need to do? That’s on the mind of all regulators. We think about threading the needle.”

Vote Solar's New Executive Director

Solar Power

“There is an evolution from where we were when solar was an upstart and disruptive technology. We’re on that cusp of being an incumbent, and a mainstream technology. We’re the lowest marginal cost energy out there.”

The Goal of the Grid

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

The goal of the grid is to provide the necessary power capacity that links generators to loads, to maintain reliability under normal and stressed conditions, in a way that minimizes both capital and operational costs and maintains low costs to consumers.