Fortnightly Magazine - June 2022

Caroline Winn: Transformation Priorities

San Diego Gas & Electric

“Our study, this path to net zero, estimates that by 2045, there will be a demand for six and a half million metric tons of hydrogen in California. Almost all of that, eighty percent, is going to be used to enhance electric grid reliability.”

Bob Frenzel: Transformation Priorities

Xcel Energy

“We’ve just received permission to build a $2 billion transmission project in Colorado to bring clean energy from the great energy resources in the eastern and southern plains of Colorado to the metroplex of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.”

EPRI Board: Stan Connally


“Southern Company has consistently remained one of EPRI’s largest funders because we believe in the power of collaboration and in ‘learning by doing’ to solve the hardest problems.”

EPRI Board: Maria Pope

First Vice Chair

“EPRI’s sustainability model, platform enabling early detection and assessment of potential wildfires, and advancement of electric vehicle planning tools are transformational.”

EPRI Board: Brian Savoy


“As the chief strategy and commercial officer for Duke Energy, several of the issues we’re experiencing in the industry are my core responsibilities for our company.”