Fortnightly Magazine - March 2023

New York PSC: Debra LaBelle


“In the spring of 2021, the legislature enacted the Broadband Connectivity Act, which required us to develop a map of broadband availability across the state on a more granular level than had been available. In June of 2022, we presented the first-of-its-kind broadband map.”

New York PSC: Marco Padula


“We had a goal of 3 GW of energy storage by 2025, but in early 2022 the Governor requested a plan to expand it to 6 GW. We worked for close to a year on developing a roadmap to getting to 6 GW of storage by 2030.”

New York PSC: Kevin Wisely


“The Office of Resilience and Emergency Preparedness team is working with utilities now on their forward-looking climate vulnerability studies that they’re going to be preparing and submitting to the Commission, and the subsequent risk-mitigation plans.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: Tom Kuhn

Edison Electric Institute

“On our priority list is siting and permitting. If you want to have the benefits of the two major legislative initiatives that have passed over the past couple of years, you’ve got to be able to do siting and permitting more efficiently.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: Karen Harbert

American Gas Association

“Let’s talk about gas stoves. It’s not causing you asthma. Unfortunately, there are activist groups cherry picking studies that have done no testing, trying to fearmonger and tell you that you were doing wrong by your family. They’re ignoring studies that have done the testing and ignoring the federal government task force that has found no causation.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: Jim Matheson

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

“December 23, 24. In nine states there were rolling blackouts. We couldn’t get gas to the plants. All the peakers were running on oil those days, and we still had blackouts. NERC said we have this, disorderly retirement of generating assets in this country putting us at greater risk. My membership is concerned. We’re trying to be a voice of reason.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: John Di Stasio

Large Public Power Council

“If you look at the grid in particular, it’s a symphony of physics. While storage offers promise, the reality is we still work with the same physics problem we always have. But now we’re trying to change supply, add load, introduce new technologies. This whole harmonization is getting more complicated and probably not as well orchestrated as it needs to be.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: Arshad Mansoor


“Hydrogen, biofuels, these are all opportunities that we have. Our innovation is focusing on, how do we accelerate this technology innovation? So that all the promises all the corporations have made for net zero by 2050, which is twenty-seven years from now, we can meet.”

USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum: Maria Korsnick

Nuclear Energy Institute

“The IRA includes a new production tax credit to help the existing fleet stay online for years. It encourages new nuclear with a clean electricity investment tax credit that covers 30% of investment in zero carbon facilities, including nuclear. If the company uses American manufacturing, they get an additional 10%. If you build in a community supported by a retiring fossil fuel plant, that’s another 10%.”