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Frontlines & Op-Ed

Response to Borlick Re: Order 745

A response to the article by Robert Borlick in our July 2016 Issue

Dr. Michael Rosenzweig

Bob Borlick took to task FERC, Charlie Cicchetti and the Supreme Court in the context of FERC Order 745. Bob’s key point is his view that “Order 745 overcompensates demand response.” Bob’s argument starts from an implicit but false premise.

Response to Cicchetti Re: Net Metering

A response to the letter by Charles Cicchetti in our April 2016 issue, which was a response to the letter by Ashley Brown in our February 2016 issue.

Robert Borlick

As Ashley Brown correctly stated in his letter, large-scale solar projects produce electricity at roughly half the cost of that produced by rooftop solar. Charlie states that customers installing rooftop solar are: “… paying to reduce dependence on greenhouse gases and to expand societal benefits ....” Not exactly.

Response to Two Articles Re: Grid Resilience

A general response to the articles by Michael Deggendorf and by Paul Afonso, Lauren Azar, Dian Grueneich, James Hoecker in our August 2016 issue

Leonard Hyman

Two articles in the August 2016 issue made the irrefutable case that we need to shore up grid resilience. I can’t argue with those measures. But I’m not sure that they are getting to the root of the problem. Perhaps we need to spend more time asking whether small decentralized systems can accomplish the same end as the large systems.

Top 20, and Why Financial Strength Matters

The Return for Customers of the Return for Shareholders

Steve Mitnick

The Top 20 ranking is limited to investor-owned electric utilities and combination electric and gas utilities with 2015 revenues of at least $1 billion.

Response to Mitnick Re: Costs Fixed Depending on Timeframe

A response to the Editor-in-Chief column by Steve Mitnick in our July 2016 issue

Robert Borlick

Mitnick’s observation was visionary, that we are heading toward an industry that will become increasingly dominated by fixed costs. Even so, he could have gone one step further.

Legacy and Generations

We’ll Soon Hand You the Baton

Steve Mitnick

The pasts and futures of automobiles and electricity are remarkably similar. They first inspired a generation. That generation’s grandchildren associate these venerable industries with environmental despoilment and technological obsolescence.

Future Shocked

New uses for electricity doubtless on the horizon albeit unpredictable

Steve Mitnick

One vision of future power: By 2040, most households had at least one Powered Immersion room, some two or three.

Costs Fixed Depending on Timeframe

As we head towards a fixed cost electricity system

Steve Mitnick

All costs are fixed. All costs are variable. How is that possible? As Albert Einstein might say, it depends on the reference of time.

Most Influential Since 1990

Lions and luminaries who led the changes in utilities.

Steve Mitnick

Those ten individuals who had the greatest hand in molding the electric utility industry of 2016.

Response to Radford Re: EPSA Complaints at FERC on Ohio Contracts

A response to the ‘Following FERC’ column by Bruce Radford in our April 2016 issue.

John E. Shelk

The PUCO was not, and never will be, in a position to ensure terms of PPAs meet requirements of FPA.