Frontlines & Op-Ed

Sue Kelly and PUF's Owen Young Award

Sue Stood Out with Her Sharp Mind and Sharp Wit

Like David Owens, Kelly has retired from the leadership of one of our great utility associations and leaves our whole industry with precious memories and the positive changes they wrought.

Big Things Again

When Grid Transformation Becomes a National Imperative

Making the grid cleaner and more resilient will eventually become a high political priority.

Securing Our Grid

Prepare, Protect, Respond, Restore

Just like dealing with natural attacks on the grid — hurricanes, storms and floods, and just like dealing with man-made attacks on the grid — vandalism, terrorism and even acts of war — we need to prepare, protect and respond to restore the grid's essential service as rapidly as possible.

Into Innovare

Nominate Fortnightly Top Innovators

Let’s see to it – together, you and PUF – that everyone learns about these heroes. In English, or Latin, tell us about the most extraordinary of your colleagues who are literally remaking our industry.

Why Some Communities are Smartest

Austin, Columbus, San Antonio, Spokane, suburban Birmingham

A smart city uses tech and data for faster city services, safer streets, smoother traffic flow, easier parking, more ways to get around, 5G everywhere, cleaner air and water, sustainable energy.

State of Power by State

Fifty Futures

The states are calling the plays on power’s future. Often policies are night and day on the east and west side of the borders of contiguous states.

Spirit of 76

76 Under Forties from 44 Utilities, Commissions, Etc.

It was exciting for me to wonder what additional great accomplishments lay before them in their careers. It's enough to make me feel young too.