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Innovators Innovate

Nominations Rolled In

The November issue of PUF is a double, so you'll want to make sure you also see the Fortnightly Innovators Special Issue announcing our innovation award winners. We were thrilled to have over seventy nominations for the 2018 innovation awards, and all of them were intriguing.

Veterans' Energy

Looking Forward to Veterans in Energy Forum

Veterans comprise 11% of the workforce in investor-owned energy companies and make up 22% of the nuclear workforce.

NASUCA Takes a Serious Look at Serious Illness Protection

Utility Service Termination

At its recent Mid-Year Meeting in Minneapolis, NASUCA adopted Resolution 2018-03, "Urging Adoption of Protections Against Termination of Utility Service for Low-income, Senior, and Other At-Risk Households in Which a Seriously or Chronically Ill or Disabled Person Resides." NASUCA has good reason to focus on the needs of these households.

NARUC Sizzles!

Scottsdale. Catch Some Rays.

While it’s scalding hot outside, you will want to be inside the NARUC Summit. Because the 2018 topics are sizzling!

State of Power by State

States are the Game

Let’s look at the sustainability of utility business models, regulatory traditions and customer value propositions.

We Bought PUF!

Nineteen Hundredth Issue. And the First.

Joe Paparello and I were so impressed with the power of the PUF platform — for opinion, commentary and debate — that we bought it.

Are You Missing This Key Chief Officer?

Meeting New Challenges

The growing consensus among power and utility executives is that digital technologies and "digitization" are becoming a strategic and risk mitigation imperative. Faced with rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes, many leaders are rethinking how they can tackle new issues in new ways.