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Really Impact the Debate

New PUF Audio Video

If in 1928 it was critical to write in an easy engaging style, it is that much more necessary today to be short, emotive, visual. The New York Times thinks that as well.

Innovate Thyself

PUF Transforms, Expands, Multiplies

PUF 2.0: a new digital magazine published on the 15th each month. PUF is fortnightly again.

The Times, They are a-Changin'

A response to the May 2017 From the Editor by PUF Editor-in-Chief Steve Mitnick

A more active and informed citizenry, involved in plotting electricity's path forward, isn't a cold, hard truth. It's a good thing.

Industry Sage David Owens Retires

Honoring Him with Our First PUF’s Owen Young Award

Owens has been the industry’s debater-in-chief. This month, uncharacteristically, he’s decided to put down the mic for good.

Cold Hard Truths

Who shall lay out those constraints, clearly, credibly?

What are the coldest hardest truths that a much more involved public must grasp?

'Markets' Test

We Called Them 'Markets.' Now We're Testing Them.

We're enamored of free markets, particularly in the nineties. But power markets cannot come close to emulating authentic competition. Why? They cannot satisfy the basic conditions of competition taught in microeconomics 101.