New York Public Service Commission Increases Metering Limits

The New York Public Service Commission increased each utility’s system-wide net metering limits for solar photovoltaic projects, farm anaerobic digestion facilities, small hydro micro combined heat and power projects, and fuel cells. As modified, the cap was raised from the current one percent of system peak load to three percent. The commission deemed it expedient to increase the net metering limits so as to accommodate the anticipated increase in demand as more solar projects are installed. It conceded, however, that net metering can add complexity and costs to maintaining and managing the utility’s distribution systems, including lost utility revenues and interconnection costs in excess of those permissibly recovered from generators under the statutes, and noted that such costs are ultimately borne by non-net-metered ratepayers. In approving the move to a three percent net metering ceiling, the commission said that it had analyzed the potential average revenue impacts of increasing net metered generation penetration for each utility service territory and found a range of impacts, all below one percent. (Cases 12-E-0485 et al.,N.Y.P.S.C.) For more analysis, subscribe to URN.