Fortnightly Magazine - November 2017

Recognizing and Celebrating

Touchy-Feely, Sure. Essential, For Sure!

When leaders honor innovators’ passion and inventiveness, they encourage the creative culture they so want for their organizations.

The Innovation Imperative

Powering-up Your Utility

Calculated business model innovation can reveal investment opportunities or operational approaches to future-proof companies.

Your 2017 Fortnightly Top Forty Innovators

First Fantastic Forty

The first transformational transmission line design in nearly fifty years? They developed it. The world's first battery/gas turbine hybrid system at existing peakers. They developed it too.

The world's first underground spent fuel storage facility at an operating nuclear plant. They developed it. One of the first distribution utility natural gas compressors. They developed it too.

Vertical climbing inspection robots. They developed them. Transmission line crawling inspection robots. They developed them too.

NARUC Innovation Awards

New Approaches, New Technologies, Driving Change

Illinois Commerce Commission Chair recognizes innovative work of leaders in the public utility sector.

Innovating Like EPRI

What Will Help Drive The Acceleration of Innovation?

EPRI has to understand how various innovations impact safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity.