Fortnightly Magazine - April 2023

NRECA's PowerXchange: Chris Jones

Middle Tennessee Electric

“To best serve our fast-growing service area and meet evolving member expectations, we have engaged in strategic acquisitions, which is a bit unique for the co-op space. We delivered broadband. We acquired a local for-profit telephone company, United Communications.”

NRECA's PowerXchange: Buddy Hasten

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

“Our challenge is the pace at which people are being forced into a clean-energy transition with resources that don’t have the capability to carry the load. We’re seeing blackouts. For us, it’s maybe slowing things down a bit.”

NRECA's PowerXchange: Suzanne Lane

Kansas Electric Power Cooperative

“For Winter Storm Uri in 2021, we were part of those historic curtailments. That highlighted we can’t continue our traditional mindset that reliability is keeping wires in the air. That was the old way of thinking. It has evolved into the fuel deliverability, availability aspects of it.”

How Exelon Shows Up in Its Communities


“What’s unique about Exelon is we serve urban dense areas, as well as rural America. Think about the coastal and rural areas in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware. With ComEd, the northern part of its Illinois territory, Rockford, DeKalb.”

Who Said What at DistribuTECH

Unique Conversations

Conversations with ABB’s John Hayter, Nedra Hurley; Accenture’s Patrick Aluise; AiDash’s Abhishek Singh; AVEVA’s Ann Moore; Bentley Systems’ Joe Travis, Brad Johnson; Bidgely’s Gautam Aggarwal, Maria Kretzing; Capgemini’s Hari Krishnamurthy; FLO’s Chris Thorson, Frank Fata, Nathan Yang; GE’s Mahesh Sudhakaran; Hitachi’s Anthony Allard; IBM’s Casey Werth; OATI’s Mary Brown, Ali Ipakchi; Oracle’s Brad Harkavy, Sameer Kalra, Allison Salke, Mary Sprayregen; PXiSE’s Patrick Lee; and Toshiba’s Jeff Simmons.