Fortnightly Magazine - May 2023

Edison's Congress This Month

May Meeting of Those Who Build, Maintain, Restore the Grid

AEIC approached PUF proposing to jointly host a spring version of this nearly 140-year-old tradition. Edison Congress 2023 will bring together officers and directors from 35 different utilities to share experiences, lessons learned, and best practices.

Transforming Energy

Exelon, AWS, EDP

Conversations with Exelon Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Sunny Elebua, Amazon Web Services Head of Worldwide Business Development – Energy and Utilities Rolf Gibbels, EDP Renewables North America CEO Sandhya Ganapathy, at CERAWeek by S&P Global.

Transforming Energy: Exelon

CERAWeek by S&P Global

“We’ve made investments to ensure our reliability is essentially top quartile and, in some instances, top decile, for example as we have at ComEd. We know the grid is ready to accept levels of electrification.”

Transforming Energy: AWS

CERAWeek by S&P Global

“We always start with the customer and find ways to enhance that experience through the cloud. Utilities look to the cloud because they can quickly spin up resources as they need them and only pay for what is used, similar to a pay-as-you-go model.”

Transforming Energy: EDP

CERAWeek by S&P Global

“Globally, we are the fourth largest renewable supplier in the world. In the U.S., we have more than 8 GW of operational utility-scale wind and solar capacity. That’s almost 5% of the entire market. Both are growing exponentially year-over-year.”

The Experts: Turbines


“We have transformed PSM into a global business, where we can tackle, within the constraints perhaps of certain fleets, the entire gas turbine engine. That’s what I’m proud of.”

The Experts: Grid Connections

S&C Electric

“We must focus on distribution, specifically undergrounding and other grid hardening efforts. We need to be prepared as an industry. We are extremely focused on innovating an intelligent, resilient grid that can mitigate and recover.”

The Experts: Distribution Data


“You now can start to map and understand in real time what’s happening across the distribution grid to make things more efficient for the end consumer and utility. We can save natural resources; we can reduce costs of operation.”