Fortnightly Magazine - April 2024

Powering Central Louisiana

Cleco Corporate Holdings

“Our most important accomplishment was our safety performance. 2023 was Cleco’s best safety performance record in the company’s history."

Winter Summit: EPA Rules and Reliability


“If you’re looking at 30-year investments and have to decide now whether to invest in them, even 10 years from now, we can’t predict what reliability needs are going to be to trigger a reliability relief valve. If I heard you correctly, you’re fundamentally rethinking that approach.”

Winter Summit: Pathways to Decarbonization


"Small modular nuclear has the opportunity to provide a clean energy source, replacing fossil fuel resources, and using existing transmission, such as the proposal for the TerraPower plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming. How can we make sure it’s built in time?"

Winter Summit: FERC Chair Willie Phillips


“I’m pulling every lever we have to make sure we meet the reliability needs and coordinate the gas and electric side. What’s clear to me is we need somebody, it doesn’t have to be me, FERC, or NERC. We need somebody to step into that gap and make sure they’re focused on the job of protecting our gas reliability.”

Winter Summit: Pacific Gas & Electric CEO Patti Poppe


“The idea of building a safe, resilient utility in California where climate ambitions are high, and the call for PG&E to be able to serve so we can lead the clean energy transition was compelling. I felt that could be a very important body of work professionally, but also personally to know I did something that made a difference.”

Where Grid Software is Heading

GE Vernova

“We have a pragmatic and prudent approach to both IT and OT data integration. The utilization of OT data is a critical path for utilities to address the energy transition and build resilient and flexible grids.”