Distributed Generation: Hype vs. Hope

Separating myth from reality in identifying DG applications.

Technological breakthroughs in distributed generation have not materialized as quickly as expected. Furthermore, manufacturers have continued to improve traditional generation technologies. So what role can DG play?

Cape Cod: Twisting in the Wind?

Wind developers face a backlash from citizens.

A proposed offshore wind farm just a few miles from the historic, and tourist-packed, beaches of Cape Cod has sparked citizen opposition.

The Great Canadian Gas Race

Northern gas rush proves timely for power generators.

America’s insatiable demand for clean burning power generated in newly minted natural gas-fired power plants has caused a massive Canada-wide hunt for new gas resources, and a search for how to get it across the border.


Regulators face a daunting task in sorting out power refunds in the Pacific Northwest.


Ripple Effects


Neptune and the Northeast

What a merchant transmission line <br> could bring to the table<font color="000066" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">.

Neptune and the Northeast


Off Peak

There's nothing quite like a consumer scorned..<b> </b>

Off Peak

March 15, 2001

'I See Now I Was Naive'


There's nothing quite like a consumer scorned..

Excerpts from letters sent by private citizens to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and made a part of the official in RDocket No. EL00-95-000.