National Resources Defense Council

Killing Coal

A senator’s crusade limits America’s options.

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe has made it his mission to block environmental regulations, especially greenhouse gas constraints. His most recent attack targets John Bryson, former Edison International CEO and Pres. Barack Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary. But rather than protecting economic interests, as Inhofe purportedly aims to do, his actions have added to the ongoing policy chaos that frustrates clean coal development.

Blue Ribbon Mission

Can a broadly based committee resolve the nuclear waste dilemma?

The Department of Energy assembled an all-star Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. With such political and industry heavyweights as Brent Scowcroft, Lee Hamilton and John Rowe, the commission must be taken seriously. But can a broadly focused committee finish the decades-long battle to close the nuclear fuel cycle?

Regulatory Uncertainty: The Ratemaking Challenge Continues

Ratemaking Special Report

Ratemaking Special Report

Regulatory Uncertainty:

In a joint survey conducted by Navigant Consulting and , utility executives identify the biggest challenge to their business.

No matter what position you subscribe to when characterizing the degree of competition in today's energy industry, it is clear that regulation continues to serve as a major influence on the business strategies and operations of the gas and electric distribution utilities in North America.


Has the electric industry got lawmakers in its back pocket, or are charges of bias just smoke?