Distributed Generation & Microgrids

Revisiting the Regulatory Paradigm

Where Do DERs Fit In?

Too often discussions on complex topics like valuing and rewarding DER resources occur in silos. Here are some questions to form the basis for conversations between stakeholders. To stimulate policy-making, the answers must be shared with the other sector representatives.

Investing in Innovation

Identify incoming changes, partner with start-ups

Imagine a world where you spend exponentially less to provide better service to your customers.

Seeking Answers Down Under

Australian Fact-Finding Trip

For many utilities in Australia, a 25% solar penetration rate is now business as usual. But utilities have also missed opportunities to shape policy on key grid modernization initiatives, such as the rollout of smart or advanced meters.

Accommodating High Levels of DER

Understanding What Reliability Entails

How Distributed Energy Resources affect the reliability of the bulk power system is an area that needs more study and analysis for the industry and policy makers.

Storage and Distributed Resources in Wholesale Markets

Preserve Local Authority

Many public power utilities are taking a closer look at how DER, including electric storage facilities, might benefit their communities. The American Public Power Association has asked that new FERC wholesale market rules not frustrate local use of these evolving resources.

Energy People: Julia Hamm

We talked with Julia Hamm, CEO of SEPA

Julia Hamm started at SEPA soon after college, finding the organization a natural fit for her talents. She is the brains behind one of the largest trade shows in the industry, and has emerged as one of the foremost experts on the nexus between utilities and distributed energy resources.