Distributed Generation & Microgrids

What California and Texas Have in Common


California and Texas lack a coherent microgrid strategy. It is time to boldly step into the future with more sustainable solutions that offer much greater value to ratepayers, utilities, and the environment.

EV, AI, DSM, DER, etc.

Tech Buzzword Trajectories

Conversation with Scott Neuman and Paul McDonald, group vp and senior director for industry strategy, Oracle Utilities Opower.

Distributed Utility 2.0

Re-envisioning the electric distribution utility

Our vision of distributed utility 2.0 is organized around three core functions: planning and interconnection, operations and market services, and rate design. This overview focuses on transition issues.

Does Europe Have a Handle on Its Energy Future?

Leaders or Laggards

We expected to find that Europeans had figured out a pathway to a clean-energy future, but to our surprise, this was not the case. We found Europeans tackling many of the same challenges we face in the United States.

Net Metering FAQ

Rate Design and Subsidies

The NEM debate transcends regulatory boundaries and embodies a full-throttled argument under oath between divergent experts who are cross-examined by the opposing attorneys.