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DR & Conservation

Energy Efficiency

Past as Prologue

John Hargrove, Michael Mernick, Michael Volker, Sara Conzemius

More efficient products and services caused 60% to 75% of the increase in energy productivity since 1970. In this, the first of three parts on the history, present situation, and future of energy efficiency, we'll take a macro view of the efficiency industry and how we got here.

Smaller, Smarter, and by the way, Efficient!

EPRI Podcast: Smartphones pushed us into a more efficient world.

Aimee Mills with Doug Lindsey, EPRI

The smartphone ushered in an opportunity for a new era of energy efficiency. The challenge for grid planners is better understanding the market changes that are having an impact and that aren't related to DSM programs.

Architecture for the Integrated Grid

Built to Last Means Built to Change

Karen George

To realize the full value of distributed resources and to serve all consumers at the highest standards of quality and reliability, the grid needs to expand its scope. What is needed is an intentional architecture that enables communication and coordination between devices and systems, regardless of their manufacturer.

Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency

A No-Brainer

John Hargrove

We can make the standard arguments about why energy efficiency makes sense. But there is also another benefit: Improved energy efficiency provides direct health benefits to low-income households.

Benefits Add Up

SW Utilities Show Efficiency Benefits

Suzanne Pletcher

The southwest region saw more energy saved from utility energy efficiency programs than was generated from solar power, both distributed and utility-scale.

Storage: Turning Disruptive Technology into Opportunity

Commercial Customer Case Study

Arun Mani

Recent declines in energy storage costs have allowed businesses and homeowners to economically store electricity for a few hours. It is long enough to disrupt peak demand charges that many utilities rely on for their cash flows.

Federal Versus State Jurisdiction in the Electricity Business

Two back-to-back decisions by the Supreme Court in 2016 will fundamentally redefine the jurisdictional split.

Craig Roach and Vincent Musco

If the Supreme Court holds to the principles and logic of its ruling in EPSA, it will restore states’ traditional central role in resource planning.

A Five-Point Plan For The Next Wave Of Electricity Restructuring

The monopoly utility model was once expansive and revolutionary. Now, it is contracting and preservationist.

Philip O’Connor, Wayne Olson, and Robert Bussa

A plan for restructuring: Delivery service pricing reform; devolution of generation and re-allocating risk; stranded cost recovery; distributed resources neutrality; optimization of service offerings.

Fate of Conservation Mandates

Many states allow private opt-outs, but Florida bucks the trend.

Phil Cross

Should regulators allow customers opt-out, on the theory they know best? Or should all customers be made to participate?

Demand Response: Getting the Prices Right

The rule works in the direction of more regulation to hamper innovation and counteracts incentives the rule creates.

William Hogan

FERC made a mistake in Order 745 and should change the pricing rule.