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Fortnightly Magazine - February 15 2002

The Energy Tech Chronicles: Will Bust Turn to Boom?

Overcoming many obstacles, energy technology continues to have potential.

Philip Deutch

California: Beginning Anew

The 2002 rhetoric sounds like pro-electric competition, but is it too little, too late?

Richard Stavros

In its recent efforts to tie up the loose ends left from the California Crisis, is the state setting itself up for a sequel, California Crisis II: A Not So Beautiful Market?

Letter to the Editor: The Enron Spin

Robert A. Jablon and Alan J. Roth

A Response to "A Wrinkle in Time" from the Jan. 2002 issue.

People (Feb 15, 2002)

Dan Boverman has been appointed vice president and CFO for Celerity Energy. SEMCO Energy appointed John E. Schneider as CFO. Constellation Energy has announced several personnel changes. And others ...

Concentrated Transmission Assets

Public Utilities Fortnightly and POWERdat®

Douglas M. Logan

Investment in transmission is likely to surge in the buying and selling of transmission assets and in the restructuring of the transmission business.

Overcapacity ... Just Part of the Cycle of Growth

The industry has moved beyond the debate.

Betsy Vaninetti

Steve Mitnick’s response (“Overbuilding? Fuhgedda-boutit!”, Jan. 15) to my Nov. 15 article extended the great industry debate over whether the recent power plant construction boom would result in near-term over-supply. The only problem is, the industry has moved on.

Onward, Kyoto!

With a nascent emissions market, U.S. companies may not be so grateful they’re out of the club.

Jennifer Alvey

Domestic energy companies may have breathed a sigh of relief last March when the United States pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol. Gone was the specter of expensive compliance with emissions reduction targets set by the treaty. So long as they don't care about expanding globally or entering emerging emissions trading markets, they probably have a reason to think they've dodged the emissions bullet.

Low Voltage

Not everyone in the industry runs at 100 percent capacity.

The credit for the idea of a floating nuke plant does not belong to Russia.

The V2G Concept: A New Model for Power?

Connecting utility infrastructure and automobiles.

Steven E. Letendre, Ph.D., and Willett Kempton, Ph.D.

Blurring the line between transportation and utility infrastructure, new fuel cell and electric vehicles being proposed could be a new power source for electric utilities.

The Aftermath of Alliance

What can we learn from its failure?

Jennifer Alvey

What does its downfall mean for the industry?