Fortnightly Magazine - February 2018

Pennsylvania PUC: Paul Diskin

A Day at Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Paul Diskin is Director, Bureau of Technical Utility Services, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Pennsylvania PUC: Dan Mumford

A Day at Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Dan Mumford is Director, Office of Competitive Market Oversight, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Ohio's Power Forward

Hey Siri, Modernize Our Grid

We need to remember customers are our core constituents. This means advancements need to provide true net value to customers.

A Regulatory Life

President, NARUC Commissioners Emeritus

For a merger to be successful, you must have a story to tell; the merger must make sense for the ratepayer; and the two companies must mesh with one another.

Talking Texas Markets, Part 1

Thought, Legislative and Regulatory Certainty

Interviews with Pat Wood, Former FERC and Texas PUC Chair; Kenny Mercado, SVP, CenterPoint; Jim Steffes, EVP, Direct Energy; and Ken Medlock, Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Rice University.

Do Load Shapes of PV Customers Differ?

Implications for Rate Design

A load shape for PV customers that is materially different from the status quo residential customer may be sufficient grounds to implement a separate rate class.

How 2018 Looks

Capitalizing on Our Strengths: Public Power’s Priorities

The long-time core value of public power utilities – to serve the communities that own them on a not-for-profit basis – means that utility operations are already built to benefit customers.