Eversource: Tour of Fenway Park


Visiting Eversource

Fortnightly Magazine - June 2019

PUF spent two days in Boston touring the infrastructure and offices of Eversource, squeezing in stops at Fenway and Faneuil Hall. 

DC PSC RFP Technical Consultant for Formal Case (FC) No. 1156

The Red Sox were in New York on April 16. That evening they lost to the rival Yankees, zip to eight. But the PUF team was at Fenway Park, to see how Eversource and the BoSox made the home of the green monster greener and a less voracious user of kilowatt-hours. As if you were there too, here are shots of the batting cage where J.D. Martinez practices lining one off the monster, and innards of the stadium, now lighted by LEDs, the control room for the field lights, and the vegetable garden on the roof. Next time you have sliced tomato on your lobster BLT at a BoSox game, the L and T might be fresh from the roof.


Visiting Eversource Conversations and tours:


Closeup of the control room for the field lights.